Structural Building Design & Documentation

Our approach to structural analysis and design of your new project is simple. It is to consider a wide variety of materials and construction processes that endeavours to meet the financial expectation of the client, and the architectural vision of the project presented in a form that is readily understood by project consultants, the builder and their contractors.

The approach is facilitated by close consultation with the client, architect, builder and other project consultants.

Alba and Associates are experienced in the design of the following materials and ensure compliance with Australian Standards.

(Material) (Structural Elements)

Concrete Slabs, beams, columns, swimming pools, water retention tanks, retaining walls and stairs.
AS2783, AS2870 & AS3600                                                                                                            

Steel Beams, columns, frames, connection design and details (welded and bolted).

Timber Roofs, floors, decks, beams and retaining walls.
AS1684 & AS1720.1

Masonry Design of brickwork, blockwork, stonewalls (e.g sandstone) and retaining walls.

Fees for structural documentation can be estimated from fully documented architectural drawings sent to our company by clients, architects or builders and the like. If you would like a fee proposal for the structural design and documentation of your project, contact us on or 61 2 9387 8555.

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