Alba and Associates are often asked to visit sites for the "what if's" and the "why is" or just to check that new construction works have been carried out in accordance with the structural documentation provided by Alba and Associates.

The "what if's" are usually about considering the structural implications of new renovations or even wall removals.  In most cases the question can be answered on site and the client is typically left with the answers to their "what if's". At times further investigations may be required to better answer those "what if's".

The "why is" question usually comes from the behaviour of structures.  For example, "Why is my wall cracked". Again, Alba and Associates is happy to offer their professional opinion in the behaviour of the structure and where necessary further investigation may be required in some circumstances.

In the case of new construction as documented by Alba and Associates, inspections are required to verify that the building works comply with our specification.  Any works that do comply are eligible for structural certification suitable for a private certifier or Council authority.

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